Friday, January 06, 2006

Today vS. Yesterday

yesterday,this was opy litte's condition :P
but TODAY,......

aiyaiyaiyaiyai..yippeee...opy little kembali ceria..let's move it,move it..shake ur bon bon..shake ur bon bon..awww~

hikhik..i think i made a right decision by staying at my college this weekend..heee~at least i can finish my proposal rite?yeehaaa..

nak tahu tajuk my final year's projek?:p Sistem Tempahan Tikel Bas Transnasional..ahahaha..bodoh2 je kan?but i ala2 dapat this ilham after i read Yaasin the other day..i think its the petunjuk from Allah..Alhamdulillah..

thanks tO kak Ira,wawa,Jamie,joned,misz n Puan shereena sebab bagi idea kat opy litte..hihi..ok ok..nak wat proposal ni..tata~!!

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Wirawan Terulung said...

geget tinger opY litter ni.....:p