Thursday, May 20, 2010


Pagi ni, bukak email, saya cam agak terpana.

I received an email from

Am Engr william philip.I hail from lancaster UK,I attended oxford university,where i studied marine engineering,Am 45 years old single and work as a marine engineer in the submarine section.. Am elegant,vibrant,vigorous and full of life I was opporturned to glance through your page and personnality profle.You seem to be the woman of my choice..You scarlet lips,ebong hair,well biult physique charming face,sedycing eyes are of great intersest to me.In fact,your entirety commands my variety of interest

Ayat2 pancing yang last2 tu amat tak boleh blah.typo sana sini and masih nak mengaku u attended the Oxford?Like hellooooooOooOooOooooo!hahahaha

Lawak lawak.Ingat orang famous macam Sue Anna Joe je dapat email macam ni.

Oh lupa, i tak famous, tapi body i nyum nyum cam Famous Amous.

I lariiii duluu~babaiiiiii!!!hihihihihhhhh =P


purplelurve said...

Oxford lesen tipu pny!! hahaha.. very funny la opy.

aKMaL said...

ko ade stalker ke opy? :3 cik, sila bace comment pada previous post anda bergambar seekor binatang akuatik.

SoFiA.opY said...

@nanad tu la!mengarot la that guy!haha

SoFiA.opY said...

@akmal: peminat la.stalker tu berduyunnn ok~~=P *bajet Artis*