Thursday, October 07, 2010

16th Celebration =p

So last Tuesday was my 26th birthday but ehem it really feels like 16 again!seriously!

Those birthday wishes from FB wall/PM, SMS, Twitter, phone calls really made my day!
I feel like jumping2 here and there tapi tak perlulah kang earthquake plak Malaysia ni!hahahh

Again,Thanks guys for every single alphabet that u click click and sent to me, thanks a zillion!Ur wishes has touched every milimiter of my *LIVER!hahahahahahah 

*LIVER- I learned that from Uncle Ketut from Eat.Pray.Love =P

ok now dah tak tahu nak tulis ape,but motif utama update blog ni to upload my birthday moments pictures with Mr 1010(yes his birthday is on 10th of October which is kononnye 5 days younger than me) and my sweetest darling, Aishah Yusoff!

Happy Sekodeng-ing!;) 

but sorry for the not so cantik pics, guna phone ajeeeeeeee..

 {On 05.10.10 itself, what a surprise!Mr1010 datang jumpa i walaupon he's demam n sakit perut segala.Oh i feel LOVED LOVED LOVED.wink wink}

Super 16 girl harusla kelihatan comot di samping her Mr 1010, kan?

My Prawn Macaroni and Cheese, sedap  but its so chewy i felt like eating chewing gums =p

Feeling2 ala photographer hebat cam DZ =p

Oh Hafeez bought me something and something , and it's really supersomething i malas nak share here.KEHKEH

 {On 06.10.10, after watching that EAT.PRAY.LOVE movie,sebab kitorang was like so terliurrrrrr tengok Julia Roberts makan spaghetti and pizza, maka Aishah dengan ghairahnya belanja saya!HAHAHA.Thanks aishah!I love you gila gila ok!heheh}

Had a blast chitchatting and eating at Califonia Pizza Kitchen, KLCC with my BEST mate, Aishah

Opy and The Works Pizza

Super sweeeeeeeeeet Red Velvet Cake

Pressie from Aussie, Tq babe!

I actually cried reading this, sungguh terharu..

...i almost get diabetes HAHAH


Makan2 with your loved ones mmg akan buat u happy gila.Plus plus, it makes you fat, too!

So don't forget to EAT.EXERCISE.PRAY.LOVE  wahai opY!

BYE people!


Maryam Izza said...

Opie!!! best nya makan2 dgn BFF ea...serius lama gila tak layan blog! ur new skin cantek lah homeh haha...hepy belated birthday laling wish u all d best... rindu gelak power mu lol

ELLY said...

hehehe...tetb aku rse nak mkn macaroni & cheese kah movie itu? aku lum tgk lg...xder tiket free lg kah....hahaha....smpai ari ni aku t'ingat2 M.Nasir dlm magika ;D

Aida Narina said...

Opy yang comel!!! It was nice meeting u last Thursday :) And i had the best time chatting with u. We laughed a lot about how we ate a lot of the pavlova! Hahaha..BTW, i love love the pavlova, thanks for introducing hehe. Keep in touch! :)

SoFiA.opY said...

Aida!Thank you for dropping by!Yeah it was fun sharing the pavlova with you! Later after March, let's pavlova-ing again!hahah

Im gonna follow you from now on!kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

Dah tua jgn gedik bleh x? Geli dow..

aKMaL said...

Opy, just nak inform aku suda tuka url blog :) baru 1 entry aje since last entry. tuka name plak ah..da bosan name lame..haha. bace comment nih, jgn x bace!!

aKMaL said...


Anonymous said...

dah la gemuk. Poyo lak tu.mcm barua.