Monday, September 15, 2008

hey hey hey..

good mornin'~

hahah..pity blog..

the owner been a lil' bit busy last week..

Monday = blues.

Tuesday = Nandos with Zaffi and friends.

Wednesday = JOhnny's @ Timesquare with the etiqans + oracle-buddy.

Thursday = KFC with my boyfriend(?) @ KLIA + the departure of Zaffi to UK

Friday = break-fast-ing with Ampang Gurl-lak(read:gelak) kat sebelah umah.the lamb chop sucks!yucks!

Saturday = help mom buat Kuih Raya I : Milky Milk Cookies

Sunday = help mom buat Kuih Raya II: London Almond or Almond London..both also can..haha

so who says career woman can't spend time and have fun with their friends?haha..

persoalannye: opy=career woman kah?:p
oh today i feel very beautiful.just bought this two-way cake foundation last week.tapi arini baru perasan die cam ade glitter2 and buat muka opy yg muda nampak lebih ceria!aww!aww!wakaka.

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